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Sky Eye Aerial Photography is a small specialist company dedicated to providing a comprehensive 'one-stop' service to commercial and industrial clients throughout the UK. The company was founded in 2001 by Ron Bridle, a professional photographer, at that point specialising in low altitude aerial work with a helium balloon and telescopic mast. As many of our clients also wanted aerial photographs taken at higher altitudes that needed different equipment, we then started to organise aircraft and helicopter shots for them throughout the country. Over the years, our contacts grew such that we had worked with many aerial photographers all over the UK. We then systematically set about building a comprehensive database and are now the only company in the UK with a major national database of all known professional aerial photography and related aerial services. Today, as no one company can have all the right equipment for every type of aerial work, we take relatively few photographs ourselves and concentrate on setting up and managing shoots using specially selected professional aerial photographers which have the most appropriate equipment and expertise for the particular assignment in question. We take pride in the fact that we provide the same high level of service and attention to detail and project management in every assignment we undertake, large or small.

Searching for aerial specialists on the Internet can be quite a challenge, if you are not too familiar with aerial photography. Many people who contacted us mentioned how difficult, confusing and time-consuming it was to find the right type of company using Internet searches or the various photography directories. Even after trawling through hundreds of different websites and directories, they stated that only a very few of the many photographers listed under 'aerial photography' were, in fact, full time professional aerial photographers with the right experience and/or equipment.

Google searches, using the terms ‘aerial photography’, followed by the ‘county’ you are interested in, will typically result in a list of up to 80,000 company web sites - although there are only 500 or so aerial photography companies throughout the UK. Many of these listed on the first pages are sponsored links and have paid to be there. Their prominence, therefore, is no indication of their professional expertise or technical capabilities. Most of the remaining companies do not actually take aerial photographs. They either resell other people’s images or are listed because the words ‘aerial’ or ‘photography’ exists somewhere in their web site. To avoid this problem of trying to find the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’,  we suggest you simply go direct and call us. We have all the data to hand and we will do the research for you and select the best company for your project.

The aerial photography community is a small and disparate collection of specialists, each with their own capabilities and limitations. With the bewildering amount of specialisation and equipment needed to satisfy all the photographic requirements in aerial photography, no single company could possibly undertake all the types of aerial work with proficiency. During many years of taking aerial photographs and being in contact with other professionals in the business, Sky Eye has accumulated a great deal of practical experience and industry knowledge of 'who does what best'. The solution to client's problems became very apparent and our 'findaerialphotography' service was formed. We designed and built a purpose-made database and we believe we have the largest databank of all the specialist companies and aerial expertise available in the UK. This knowledge and the practical experience we have gained is the basis of the comprehensive service we offer.

Now, by using just one contact point any type of aerial photography or related service can be found and organised for clients and the results delivered to them with the minimum of effort. Whether you just want a good set of photographs from a reasonably priced, competent professional or by one of the leading names in the business, we find the right people for the job. Then, with your agreement, we undertake all the liaison, technical briefings and commissioning and then supervise the work on your behalf. We therefore provide a fully comprehensive service for no more cost than if you had eventually found the same company yourselves and dealt direct.

We are independent and offer impartial advice, as we are not connected, financially or otherwise, to any other company. This means that we find the best and most appropriate supplier of the service you need - and not simply the one who provides us with the best commission. As a result, you get the best photographer or specialist supplier you need, good value for money and good service. We then get satisfied clients who come back and use our service again and again.

For further information, please read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or call us.

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Ron Bridle BEM LBIPP LRPS, Sky Eye Aerial Photography.

P O Box 10, Goring-on-Thames, Reading, RG8 0EF, England.

  M: 07789 871620

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