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Aerial advertising is an eye-catching and highly memorable method of promotion

of a product or company. A branded, remote controlled airship moving around just a few feet above people's heads in an indoor exhibition hall or an outdoor event is a novelty factor people remember for a long time.

Static or remote-controlled, low flying 2-10 metre long, helium-filled airships and blimps are available for flying at exhibitions, trade shows, consumer fairs, concerts, conferences, product launches, outside events and festivals.

Wherever and whenever an airship flies, everyone looks up and reads what is printed on the side. In most venues, a 100% reach is virtually guaranteed. Full colour graphics and logos can be applied to most airships. Also, for greater impact, repeating audio messages can be built in to talk directly to the crowds below, along with various other promotional ideas.

Static or mobile blimps are an excellent navigational aid to draw visitors towards them for a closer look and, of course,the sponsor's exhibit below it.

Advertising inflatable
Indoor advertising sphere
Indoor Airship

In addition to a basic branding exercise during the event, a High Definition video photography record of the whole event can also be taken at the same time for a promotional DVD follow-up use. Also, if required, the live images can be fed to a large screen on the ground to attract even more attention. For major events, live video can be fed to OBUs (Outside Broadcast Units) and then directly, via satellite, to reach global audiences.

Aerial media packages can be tailored specifically to your marketing needs and budget.

Aerial banners, towed behind a tug plane, flown over your intended audience can make an impactful and memorable statement, whether advertising an event or branding a product.

For information on the marketing opportunities available using aerial media,

please telephone: 07789 871620

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