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25m Telescopic Mast

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Complete Telescopic Mast System, including Jeep, cameras and all accessories, ready to start earning money. Good  working order.

See details and photo at bottom of the page.

Excellent value at half the original asking price due to the current difficulties in the Irish economy!



There are relatively few items of aerial equipment or complete systems that are 'off-the-shelf'. Most systems require some degree of customisation.

Aerial photography equipment suppliers and designers are usually highly specialised, small engineering companies. They rarely need to make themselves known outside the aerial photography world and, consequently, are often difficult to locate without specialist knowledge.

Sky Eye Aerial Photography does not make or supply its own equipment but has established links with most of the main designers, manufacturers and suppliers of aerial equipment and provides impartial and independent advice on the best options for your requirements. We can help design and supply complete systems for you or simply suggest the component parts for your own assembly. If you chose to purchase any equipment after discussing it with us we then put you in contact with the relevant suppliers for you to negotiate your own deal directly.

New specialist equipment available includes:



Dual Thermal Optical Camera with RT


Telescopic masts (pneumatic or hand-pumped, vehicle/trailer mounted or free-standing)

Hand-held or tripod-based telescopic poles (wireless or hard-wired still camera or video systems) Click Here for Telescopic Pole System Image

High-level tripods with guy ropes and stabilizers

Pan and Tilt Unit

Remote-control systems (wireless or hard-wired)

Camera remote-control software

Pan and tilt heads for telescopic masts, PTZ, remote heads

Helicopter camera platforms: Nose and side mounted and gyro balls. Gyro-stabilisation

RT/RC systems for video and data transmission

Helium Balloons or Blimps with/without hand or motorised winches

Helium Airships (motorised, tethered or RT/un-tethered)

Helium re-cycling units (mobile special gases compressors)

Flown Wire camera systems

Small Helium Balloon

Rail and mini-track camera systems (linear and vertical)

Specialised still and video cameras

UAVs & model helicopters for aerial photography

Vehicle Power inverters (12v - 240v)

Vehicle modifications for mast or other aerial equipment



Complete Telescopic Mast System, including Jeep, cameras and all accessories, ready to start earning money. Presented in good  working order:


75 ft (23m) mast with 6 telescopic sections made from aircraft-grade aluminium. Attached to roof of vehicle in horizontal position with custom-built hinged frame.   Secured in vertical position to tow bar plate and extended to required height using power from cordless drill or by hand winch system. Stabilising jacks attached to vehicle ensure additional safety.


Jeep - 1999, 4-wheel drive Cheroke Sports Diesel 5-door van (Green).

(Fitted with inverter to recharge batteries)


Nikon D2X (12.3MP) professional DSLR with Nikon 17-55mm zoom lens.

(Also included - Nikon film camera).


RC system fitted by mast manufacturer and allows picture composition on LCD screen, pan, tilt, zoom and shutter release.


Laptop - Apple ibook.

Desktop - Apple G4 with Mitsubishi Diamond pro 920 screen.

Software - Adobe Photoshop v 8.0.

Printer - Epson Stylus Photo 2100 (A3 plus).

CD/DVD Burner - Portable CD Burnaway.


NB: This is now at 50% of the original asking price of £19,900

due to the need to sell quickly with the current difficulties in the Irish economy.



If you would like any general advice and information about aerial equipment
please contact Ron Bridle on 07789 871620
or e-mail via the Contact page

For further information on pricing, sales procedure and other equipment issues,
please see Questions 4, 9, 10, 11 & 12 in FAQs

For information on the opportunities in aerial photography, see Applications of aerial photography


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