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Find an Aerial Image

This is a free enquiry service

(for business users only)

To find out if the imagery you would like exists

(still photographs or HD video footage) ,

please complete the form below and submit it.

Once we receive your enquiry we will organise a systematic search of all the appropriate picture and video libraries which may possibly have the imagery you require. (You will be sent an automated confirmation that your enquiry has been received).

Low-resolution versions of the still images we receive from libraries that fit your requirements will be emailed to you for your consideration, along with details of the actual high-resolution images (eg capture date and format etc). If any are suitable, we then discuss how you intend to use them (eg single or multiple use, web use, reproduction size and approximate print run etc), as this may affect the usage price. Video footage can be previewed, if the description appears to be suitable for you. (If the location of the imagery is outside the UK, we also have access to many international image and video libraries).

Please note that 'historical' still images (ie taken on film prior to digital cameras) wanted for commercial property boundary disputes etc are searched for their availability and basic information about them free by us but the image libraries will charge us/you to view the images as they have to be scanned before they can be sent to you.

For complicated enquiries, please phone if you prefer on 07789 871620.

Private property enquiries

and boundary disputes

It is highly unlikely that a 'traceable' aerial photograph exists of an individual private property unless it is of significant merit, architecturally or for some other reason (eg close to a significant building or place). If you think that an aerial photograph was taken of your property at some point, it may have been taken by a FOSEK (Fly Over, Shoot Everything and Knock at the door photographer).

These are often operators who may not be qualified members of professional organisations or listed in directories of professional photographers. As a result, the photographer, and their images, will be almost impossible to find if there are no details on the back of the print.

Please note that we cannot undertake free searches for private properties or for boundary disputes, as they can be very time consuming. If, however, you would like us to do a search for you there will be a minimum basic charge of £50. The cost of any images we may find for boundary disputes (positive results are not guaranteed) could then cost £120 - £150 or more. Images for other uses may cost £200 or more.

Private enquirers wishing to commission a professional aerial photograph, please click here.


Please enter the information requested below. (Fields with * are required).

If this form cannot be submitted for any reason, please send the information

by email to  Thank you.

Please note that Findaerialphotography does not sell or give away any information.
We may, however, use it to update you on our own services from time to time.


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Any other information that might be helpful to identify the most suitable imagery available
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