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Applications of Aerial Photography

For professional photographers considering extending their range of services and purchasing some aerial equipment, or for amateur photographers thinking about going professional in a niche market, some of the many and varied applications of aerial photography are listed below.

The specialised equipment needed for some applications (eg property photography and tourism work) need not be complicated or very expensive. Also, these type of applications require only a relatively small adjustment of technique, even for the amateur enthusiast wanting to set up a basic aerial photography service.

Certain applications (eg legal and forensic work), however, require a significant commitment to become proficient enough to obtain qualified and approved contactor status for this highly specialist area. For the majority of photographers with the appropriate equipment, whether it is remote control work of using aircraft of various types, most of the applications below could be a very satisfying and profitable activity.

archaeological site surveys  
golf courses, clubs & hotels
building inspections and surveys
heat loss surveys & infra-red thermography
calendars & postcards
historic buildings & archive records
company HQs for annual reports & brochures
legal, planning & boundary disputes recording
construction progress shots
leisure & tourism shots
crowd & event surveillance
news & media agencies
environmental, agricultural & coastal surveys
outdoor shows & festivals
estate agent's adverts
panoramic views & 360 degree virtual tours
film production support stills
property marketing brochures
forensic & crime scene recording
school, college & university prospectus shots
traffic management & new road layouts

If you would like any advice and information about these applications,
or aerial equipment required for them

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