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Conventional or Artistic?

Conventional or Artistic Image
  An aerial photographer is usually commissioned to take a 'conventional' shot of a subject or view from altitude, simply because of the visual benefits that an aerial perspective produces. This may be either a 'record' shot, if it is purely the information on the ground to be recorded or a 'marketing' shot which requires good weather and the subject and everything else to look at its best.

However, the aerial photographer can also create a 'non-conventional' image and produce a more 'artistic' feel. If anything other than a conventional image is required, the client should discuss their ideas for an artistic shot at the outset, as the photographer needs to consider the practicalities of what special effects can be achieved and then plan the shoot accordingly.


Record shots - A photograph taken purely to record information (ie to record a stage of construction or the finished result, clarify a legal boundary dispute or record evidence in a crime scene etc). The purpose of this shot was to simple record the scale and coverage of the 'temporary roof ' placed over the building during refurbishment.

Record shots will not usually be suitable for any marketing uses afterwards, as they may be taken in less than ideal weather conditions, rather than necessarily waiting for suitably good weather.

Record Shot

Progress shots - These are a type of record shot where a client (eg a construction or property development company) requires aerial shots taken from similar positions at regular intervals (eg monthly) throughout the whole period of construction.

Progress Photography

Marketing shots
- When marketing shots are needed, optimal weather conditions to produce the desired effect are essential. Usually, marketing shots need to be bright, sunny pictures to provoke an optimistic and upbeat atmosphere and also be photographically perfect. Sometimes, 'artistic' images are needed to fulfil a specific marketing objective, but most marketing shots are of the conventional type. The purpose of this shot was to show the close proximity, and therefore convience, of the square building in the front of the picture to the financial and business centre of Canary Wharf, London.

Clients may have to wait a little longer for the ideal marketing shots, especially in periods of unsettled weather. Whilst after the image is taken computer image manipulation can perform minor miracles on less than perfect shots, there is no substitute for taking the shots in good photographic conditions initially.

Marketing Shot (Hotel Location)


Artistic shots - These tend to be commissioned by clients to create a specific evocative effect on the viewer (eg nostalgic, moody, optimistic, exciting etc). They may be wanted for marketing or purely artistic purposes. The photographer needs to be briefed clearly on what desired effect is sought and how the images are to be used, as much of the desired emotion of good artistic imagery can be achieved by carefully planning before and during the shoot. After the right shot is captured, post-production work on the computer can enhance the overall effect, if required.

(The 'pattern' picture below is a near vertical of a large lorry storage park).

Artistic (Atmospheric)
Artistic (Abstract)


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