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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1 If I contact findaerialphotography to enquire about commissioning some aerial photographs, how does the system work?

Q2 What is the benefit of using findaerialphotography, compared with finding an aerial photographer myself on the Internet?

Q3 Will it cost me more to use your service, compared with finding and commissioning the same aerial photographer myself and dealing direct?

Q4 What qualifications does your company have to provide this service?

Q5 What types of aerial photography can you arrange?

Q6 What is the general timescale for getting aerial work completed?

Q7 What other services do you provide?

Q8 Can you arrange aerial photography services outside the UK?

Q9 If I consider buying some off-the-shelf aerial equipment using your services, will it cost me more than if I bought direct?

Q10 If I consider buying custom-made aerial equipment using your services, how will the overall price be worked out?

Q11 If I use your services to have some custom-made aerial equipment developed, how can I be sure I will get the right advice and end up with the best design and built system?

Q12 How can I be sure that you have the capability of providing good, custom-made aerial photography systems?

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