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Welcome to Find Aerial Photography is the official website of Sky Eye Aerial Photography

For over 15 years, we have specialised in organising commercial/industrial aerial photography throughout the UK and, when required, worldwide. We provide free impartial advice on the best methodology for aerial projects and a one-stop service for managing the process, whether the projects are large or small, stills or HD video.  Sky Eye has built and maintains a detailed database of all known UK professional aerial photography and related services, including mapping and aerial surveillance. From the client's brief, we first establish the most suitable aerial filming method needed to successfully achieve the objectives (see methods below). Then, using our knowledge of the equipment and expertise of the 500 or so aerial companies on our database, we match the client's requirements with the nearest and most appropriate specialist. (Clients pay only the same using us as they would if they had eventally found the same photographer themselves and dealt direct - the photographer provides our project management fee by giving us a professional discount). So, by allowing us to find the right photographer or other aerial service and manage the project to their brief, clients receive the best result and save valuable time, as we do all the work. We are proud of the good reputation we have built over the years providing this unique and cost-effective service, as shown by our Testimonials and Client List. We welcome all commercial enquiries from any business, large or small. Please call 07789 871620.

All aerial filming methods available:

We select the most appropriate image capture method from the full range of options available. Unlike individual aerial photography companies, which can offer only one or possibly two methods they specialise in, we offer all the options, allowing us to capture and deliver the best images possible from the ideal heights and angles.

Aircraft fixed wing  Helicopter  UAV  Helium balloon  Telescopic Mast  Aerial platform

Click on any of the images above to see the pros and cons of each aerial filming method.

The options we offer include aircraft & helicopters, remote control helicopters & drones (UAVs), tethered helium balloons & airships, vehicle-based or portable telescopic masts and aerial platforms.  Each of these capture methods take images from different perspectives, so we also help clients decide which will be the most suitable types of images for their needs.

Specialist aerial photography for architects and the property industry:

As a result of our experience and the specific services Sky Eye has developed with specialist photographers for the needs of architects, architectural visualisers and property developers, we are a first choice supplier of property-related aerial photography. We are the leading provider of UAV property imagery in this field and other images required in the planning and marketing of properties before, during and after construction. Specialist services include: Aerial site photography needed as part of the visualisation process, GPS-tagged aerial site photography for montaging with photorealistic 3D models, Still & HD video panoramas to show actual views from different storey heights above a planned building's footprint, Full 360 aerial immersive tours (into which cgis of planned new buildings can be inserted), Helium balloon 'roof height markers' for Environmental Impact Studies for planning purposes, High-definition time-lapse films of demolition and construction projects (2D & 3D), Aerial progress photography and aerial marketing images at completion. When new iconic towers and other buildings are being planned, we can provide all the imagery needed from conception to completion.

Specialist aerial photography for the film & TV production industry:

Many of the techniques we have developed for taking still images from difficult view points have been successfully adapted to shoot HD video for production and special effects companies. Custom-built UAVs, specified by Sky Eye, can lift pro DSLRs and lightweight HD video cameras into unusual and difficult positions. We can hover at almost any point in the sky specified by the Director, fly low or high (0 - 400 feet) and fast or slow, to shoot stunning aerial footage unobtainable with helicopters, jibs & cranes or any other conventional means. Commissioned by BBC TV, Channel 4 and numerous production companies, we provide broadcast quality footage for documentaries, nature programmes, dramas and music videos and offer exceptionally good value for film makers in all genres.

Other specialist aerial services:

We also arrange aerial thermal imaging, stereoscopic & 3D imagery, LIDAR surveys & mapping, aerial advertising and provide advice on aerial photography equipment and satellite imagery, including the design and supply of aerial surveillance systems for corporate and government clients. We have access to all the the UK's aerial photography libraries to provide business clients with a free image finding service.


General background material on aerial photography is in the Information section, including a Glossary. Details on how we provides these services, without costing clients more than if they found the same service and managed the projects themselves, are in About Us and FAQs.

Panoramic View of London


Examples of images taken by Sky Eye Aerial Photography.

Sky Eye maintains a unique Database of UK Professional Aerial Photography Services:

Our database includes the capabilities and equipment of virtually all of the 500 or so known aerial photography companies and related suppliers available in the UK. With this detailed industry knowledge, together with a decade of taking aerial photographs ourselves, we are in a unique position to be able to find, evaluate and deliver the best aerial photography service to ensure a successful project. To compare how difficult and time consuming finding an appropriate aerial specialist is by just using the Internet, see below.

Typical results when you search the Internet for 'aerial photography'

When you use Google or another search engine and type in ‘aerial photography’, followed by the ‘county’ you are interested in, this will typically result in a list of up to 80,000 web sites (although there are only about 500 aerial photography companies throughout the UK). Many of these listed on the first or subsequent pages are 'sponsored' listings and have paid to be there. Their prominence, therefore, is no indication whatsoever of their professional expertise or technical capabilities. Most of the remaining companies do not actually take aerial photographs. They either resell other people’s images or are listed because the words ‘aerial’ or ‘photography’ exists somewhere in their web site. To avoid the problem of trying to find the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’, simply contact Ron Bridle on 07789 871620 or

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