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Methods - Masts

25m Telescopic Mast

Methods of Aerial Photography - Masts

Telescopic masts are very useful methods of achieving low-altitude images up to about 30 metres. It is often called 'elevated' photography, but is is still technically 'aerial' photography. Picture composition is achieved using a small monitor on the ground and the camera functions are remote controlled to varying degrees, according to the sophistication of the rc system being used.

Most masts, especially the larger pneumatic ones, are permanently mounted on a vehicle (or sometimes on a trailer if they are 28-30m height). They are usually extended with an on-board air compressor, but smaller ones (eg 15m height), which can be used either temporarily attached to a vehicle or free-standing on a tripod or quadpod, can extended with a hand or foot pump. Non-vehicle mounted masts should ideally be guyed when extended to near their maximum height for safety purposes, especially in windy conditions. There are also some small 7- 8m (25ft) hand-held masts which are extremely useful in situations where there is limited access or space to use a larger mast.

Convenient and cost-effective method of taking low-level shots from interesting and unusual perspectives. Able to position the camera to look over high hedges, tree tops and buildings or to photograph roofs from above etc. Camera equipment on the mast is usually quite stable in light winds, especially when not fully extended.

Taller masts installed on vehicles means vehicular access to the vantage point is necessary. Masts are not usually operated in moderate to high winds, although they can be supported by guy ropes, if necessary. Height limited to full extension of mast.

Up to about 30 metres (100 feet).

Mast Height (20m)

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