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Methods - Platforms

Telescopic Aerial Platform

Methods of Aerial Photography - Aerial Platforms

There is now a wide variety of man-lifting equipment for photographers to hire from self-drive, self propelled booms to large truck-mounted aerial platforms requiring a trained driver/operator.

ADVANTAGES: Able to provide height access for a normal ground-based (non-aerial) photographer fairly easily to undertake low level photography.

DISADVANTAGES: In addition to hiring the platform/cherry picker, a photographer needs to be found who is willing to go up in the machine. Some photographers do not like to take the risks involved with an unknown piece of equipment and unknown platform operator. Health & Safety conditions are usually imposed by the land or site operator on both the machine operator and the photographer (Height at Work Regulations 2005). Risk assessments, method statements and certification to use the specific equipment may be required to satisfy H & S regulations.

Large truck-based aerial platforms require a concrete or hard standing base on which to operate, as the hydraulic stabilising feet need a solid foundation to avoid sinking and causing the platform to tilt or possibly tipping over. Before hiring a platform the hire company often require a site survey to be carried out by their staff. Some land owners may not allow the equipment on grassed or other landscaped areas, due to the damage the weight of the equipment usually causes.

HEIGHT RANGE: Up to 70 metres (230 feet).

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