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In addition to the various services described on this website, there are many others specialist services available that we can arrange. Please call to discuss your requirements.

Two examples of specialist services are described via the links below:

Surveys & Mapping

Infrared Thermographic Surveys

Another example of a specialist service for a specific marketing application is described below:

3-D effects for Golf Course Websites, Score Cards and 'Movie Brochures'

New techniques exist which allow high-resolution, stereoscopic digital aerial photography to be enhanced to produce imagery that has a convincing 3-D effect, as shown in the image below.

3D Golf Image
The visual accentuation of slopes, bunkers, water features, greens, fairways and tees, gives the golfer a unique, realistic and accurate overview of the hole. Unlike some artist's impressions used for depicting the geography of the course which are not based on aerial photographs, aerial images like these are able to show accurate distances and angles to the pin.

Specialist aerial photography companies we work with have supplied these and other types of aerial photography-based graphics to some of the world's leading golf clubs, including St Andrews in Scotland, Valderrama in Spain, International World Golf in the USA and the K-Club in Ireland.

If there is a particular service you may be interested in which is not covered on this website,

please call and we we will try to help.

Please contact Ron Bridle on 07789 871620
or e-mail via the Contact page.

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