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Providers of Aerial Photography

To Providers of Aerial Photography and Related Services

Dear Colleague,

If you provide any aerial photography service (or related service in the UK, eg supplier of aerial equipment or aerial advertising services etc), we would very much like to hear from you.   Although we are probably already aware of your basic services via your website, we may not have the necessary details to select and sub-contact you if we have potential work in your area.

We provide a comprehensive 'find and organise' one-stop service to customers throughout the UK (Please see Client List). We aim to provide this service for around the same price as if clients found the supplier themselves and dealt direct. We obviously can only do this by negotiating a good price from the relevant supplier. In return, we offer the chance of providing you with more future business and possibly reducing your operating time and costs.

For instance, depending on the nature of the work involved, we provide added value to our customers by managing the project for them. We, therefore, identify what is needed and provide you with a detailed professional briefing document which generally anticipates virtually all of the questions you would need to ask the client yourself. By agreement, we can also often save you time and costs, by reducing your image processing time or other post-production activity. In the case of basic commissioned photography, we often receive the RAW or other image files as shot, and then process them ourselves to present them in the form the client wants. The client pays us and we pay you within your normal payment term period.

By providing this one-stop/good value service to customers, we believe this makes aerial photography more accessible to more potential customers, thereby increasing the overall market.

We have been operating this service for over ten years with a large number of suppliers around the country and it has worked extremely well for everyone concerned. I hope, therefore, you feel it could benefit you also at some point.

If you are interested in being on our supplier database, please let us know the services you provide and the main geographical area in which you operate, along with any other information you feel is appropriate (eg camera equipment, experience and capabilities etc).

Please call me on 07789 871620 or just send the information via e-mail.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Bridle

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